Rutland & District Petanque League
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Submitted Home Away
21/06/2022Ketton Euros4-0Black Horse Grimston A
21/06/2022Nailers2-2Fox & Hounds Originals
21/06/2022ORFC Wrinklies2-2Belton Braces
15/06/2022Black Horse Grimston A2-2Old Black Horse B
14/06/2022Belton Braces4-0Wheaties

Division 1

Submitted Home Away
24/06/2022Fox & Hounds Occasionals3-1Beach Boys Of Barrowden
22/06/2022Queens Head Tigers2-2ORFC Flankers
21/06/2022Whissendine Cobblers2-2Stag and Hounds
16/06/2022Fox & Hounds Occasionals2-2Mrs Browns Boules
14/06/2022Rose & Crown, Houghton2-2ORFC Flankers

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
22/06/2022Greetham Vikings Traders1-3The Horse Shoes
22/06/2022ORFC Forwards2-2The Bob Hopes
21/06/2022Casterton Crusaders0-4Old Black Horse A
21/06/2022ORFC Forwards1-3The Horse Shoes
21/06/2022RAC Houghton4-0Rockingham Petanque

Division 3

Submitted Home Away
22/06/2022Belton Bees2-2Plough Greetham
21/06/2022Hatton Rollers0-4The Jolly Brewer
21/06/2022Knights of Casterton2-2Morcott Wanderers
21/06/2022The Colts1-3Wibbetts Wanderers
21/06/2022Wheatsheaf Hunters2-2Rutland Agric Society

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PremierDivision 1Division 2Division 3

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Old Black Horse B6817
Ketton Euros2216
ORFC Wrinklies3515

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Queens Head Tigers5818
ORFC Flankers-817
Whissendine Cobblers1916

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
RAC Houghton7920
Ashley Athletiques8819
The Horse Shoes4215

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
The Jolly Brewer15224
Wibbetts Wanderers2017
Rutland Agric Society5216

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