Leicestershire Petanque Summer League
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Division 1

Submitted Home Away
03/08/2023Blaby Foxes3-1Old Crown PC
02/08/2023Anchor 10-4Baggies
02/08/2023Asfordby Amateurs4-0Axe gladerunners (Glenhills)
02/08/2023Asfordby Amateurs4-0Blaby Foxes
02/08/2023Roadies LPC2-2Glenhills 4

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
03/08/2023Free Trade 22-2Glenhills 3
02/08/2023Axe and square ( Glenhills) 2-2Colins Clowns
02/08/2023Beacon 14-0Free Trade 1
02/08/2023Colins Clowns2-2Axe and square ( Glenhills)
02/08/2023Wycliffe 1-3Plough Skittlers
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Division 1Division 2

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Roadies LPC13536
Asfordby Amateurs9735

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Wycliffe 19138
Beacon 114938
Plough Skittlers3537

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